Brad W. Zarba, Providing A Great Leadership Example

For Brad W. Zarba, providing a great leadership example to his team and colleagues, lies at the core of his work philosophy. Brad Zarba is a firm believer in what he calls ‘Steps To Creating Work Relationships.’ Firstly, he emphasises the importance of conducting all communications between colleagues on an adult, respectful basis. Nobody enjoys being patronized, and talking down to a co-worker will rupture whatever relationship you are attempting to create. By keeping discussions professional, trust will be gained and clarity achieved. And, says Brad Zarba, always remember that you are exercising management leadership. This does not include being arrogant, dictatorial, or overbearing. If you fail to achieve a respectful attitude towards the other members of your team, then any feedback session (itself, an extremely important methodological tool) will be less than useless, and ultimately undermine what ought to be a ‘two-way’ relationship.

As Leo Tolstoy wrote, “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but nobody thinks of changing himself.” This crucial point is one with which Brad Zarba is in full agreement, and, indeed, could well serve as his work philosophy. He prides himself on teaching and educating colleagues on the significance of the role of manager in every type of organization operating in any industry. To further this awareness, he regularly gives instructional courses to prepare other individuals in developing their career. He fervently believes that empathy is paramount to becoming a successful manager, and encourages others to have the courage and compassion to understand other individual’s problems by substituting selfishness with selflessness.

It goes without saying that this is not always easy. For Brad Zarba, having a great idea, and putting together a team to bring that idea to fruition, is the first step in executing a successful business operation. Although dreaming up a novel and unique concept is unfortunately a rare occurrence, the ability to successfully implement this idea is what differentiates the procrastinator from the entrepreneur. However you view yourself, the very first time you employ somebody is when you have taken the first steps to become a distinguished leader. (For more on this interesting subject, please see ‘Brad Zarba Shows Important Abilities To Be A Successful Pioneer on bradwzarba.wordpress)

Finally, Brad Zarba is adamant that every leader should uphold and enforce the very highest ethical standards. Even if you consider yourself a moral, honest, and trustworthy individual, it is paramount that you set a clear example to your team of how you expect any relationship to be conducted. Your department or company is a reflection of yourself, and this includes all the employees,colleagues, and clients with whom you interact. Naturally, if you lead by example, it is to be hoped that your team will follow suit.


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